Oak Hill at Spring Ridge

2 Year Plan to Save Trees

On Wednesday June 29, 2022, Joshua Tree will begin spraying trees in our community, they are treating for Scaling. Scales are actually insects that feed on the sap of trees and some plants. Our Landscapers, Strauser, observed and identified this problem and the serious chance we could lose many of our trees, in particular the Magnolia's. Strauser referred us to Joshua Tree for their expertise and for our options to handle this problem. 

The choices are:
  1. Ignore it and slowly lose all our Magnolia?s, Poplar, White Prunicola, etc.
  2. Remove all the infected trees and replace them with new trees.
  3. Develop a treatment plan in hopes we can turn this around and not remove or lose trees.
The Board reviewed all the options and costs involved and further discussions were had with Strauser and Joshua Tree. The Board decided on option 3. The plan will take 2 years and will be continually evaluated over that time. We have been assured the product used is "child and pet friendly". Please use caution and avoid contact while the trees that get sprayed are wet.
The next treatment will be a soil injection in July, 2022 and then another treatment in August 2022. 

If you like to know more about scales on trees here is a link provided by Joshua tree on the topic