Oak Hill at Spring Ridge

Oak Hill "Grassroots" Social Activities

Because no residents expressed interest at the end of last year in joining a formal Social Committee, your Board has concluded that they can best encourage events at Oak Hill by supporting "grassroots" social activities as requested by resident sponsors.  The Board feels they can do that by offering groups planning social events access to the Broadcast Email Message capabilities of the website.  Access is available to promote activities ranging from a small neighborhood gathering (say a specific "block") or a community wide gathering.  The Board will then target a Broadcast Email Message to whatever group is intended for the announcement.  

A sponsor wanting to use the Broadcast Email through the Oak Hill Website should submit the completed announcement form via the website.  Upon approval and unless the Board has questions about the completed form, we will promptly send out the broadcast email as requested.

Please note the following items which you will need on the Form: You can submit a Form using the link below or by logging into the Member Area of the Website and using the Link in the Quick Links section of the Member Page.

Click here to Submit a "Grassroots" Social Activity Form

The Board of Oak Hill HOA