Oak Hill at Spring Ridge

Parking Notice

Friends and neighbors,
 As we are all aware, parking has been an issue in our community since its inception. As families grow so do our parking problems. The board has been understanding of the issues facing our residents, we have attempted to and continue to work to maintain a happy balance between the rules of the community and the needs of the residents.

At this time the rules state as follows;

Residents shall use their garage and driveway as their primary parking spaces for all of their vehicles. If you have a 1 car garage your primary parking spaces consist of two (2) parking spaces. If you have a 2 car garage your primary parking consists of two (2) in your garage and two (2) in your driveway.

If you are using your garage for storage or converted it to living space, you may not use the visitor parking for your extra car. You are only permitted to park up to one (1) vehicle in visitor parking if both your garage and driveway are being used for parking.

The board is considering a number of measures to deal with the parking problems but is hopeful we can work together as a community to address these issues before further regulations and enforcement is needed.

We kindly ask that you consider your friends and neighbors when choosing where to park.

 All residents must have all of their cars registered.  We are now using a new Vehicle Registration Module.  You can easily add and update your vehicles, even if you have previously added them through Danella. 

Click here to register your vehicles before December 1, 2023.